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ZHENG CHANG automatic control system of pellet mill
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ZHENG CHANG mechatronic product is a part of Jiangsu ZhengChang Group’s high-tech product. This series of products are indispensable products for various feed factories to realize industrialization by technological progress, cost reducing and efficiency increasing.

The perfect combination of pellet mill + automatic control system has stable performance and long service life. ZHENG CHANG pellet mill can achieve long-term trouble-free and non-stop operation, constantly creating benefits for enterprises. Humanized and fully automatic operation, the main production efficiency can be increased by more than 15% compared with the same power type.
1. It is used for various types of pellet mills with frequency control feeding and steam conditioning, realizing unmanned operation.
2. Reduce power consumption and increase production capacity by more than 15%.
3. All production data are stored in the system to check.
4. Full maturation is beneficial to animal absorption, reducing powder content and improving feed quality.
5. Automatically detect material’s conditioning temperature, host current, and automatically adjust feed quantity and conditioning temperature.
6. It can extend the service life of ring die and reduce the production cost.
7. Easy to operate and save labor costs.
8. Remote monitoring, maintenance. One central control computer can control several pellet mills.
9. For aquaculture production line, it can effectively control temperature and improve the quality of aquatic feed.
10. After-product control can solve the trouble of manual operation.
ZHENG CHANG Electric Control adheres to the firm commitment of "technology + service + quality”, to create a happy harvest production line by intelligent means. 

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